Affordable photographer for modeling & modeling agencies for 10yo

My son is at a good age to take directions and we would like to get him into modeling. We know this can be expensive and at this point only looking at our son modeling as an occasional activity. He is a very kind and handsome boy that a professional photographer would best capture his qualities. Does anyone have any suggestions or referrals?

Also, what modeling agencies are in the Bay Area have people had good experiences with? Our son is ten.

Thanks in advance.  

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I highly recommend JE modeling agency of San Francisco. They have loads of experience with kids and are very kind and great to work with. They do lots of work for PB kids, Gymboree, Ralph Lauren and more. They have an open casting call at least once a month that you can go to with your child.

For photographers, we worked with Ameia Saul photography of Walnut creek. She is very talented and experienced with kids at a reasonable price.

You should have a contract before you get pictures taken. We worked with Sherri Garcia from Models, Inc. They first asked for a snap shot, then invited us for an interview, then offered contract. She wanted specific shots for my kids portfolios, so it’s likely you would need to go to the agency photographer even after you spent a bunch on your own. Also, we quit modeling because the industry is not at all part time. Everything is booked the night before, so you won’t know until 5:00 pm that your child has a gig the next day. There is also a lot of driving around for “go-sees” and such, which was miserable for my kids. At least, that was our experience.

My daughter had NYLO has her agent when she was about your son's age. The two young women - Nicole Younce and Olivia Tehrani - who run it were fantastic and easy to work with. (I was completely clueless about the industry.) They are based out of Emeryville, but most go-sees and auditions are in SF. It was an interesting learning experience for me and my daughter, and she made a bit of money, though ultimately, we felt like we couldn't commit to it with so many other activities going on and with academics ramping up. My daughter got headshots from Heidi Alletzhauser ( and they were beautiful but not cheap. When I submitted an app with NYLO, I just sent in a digital photo that I took. They didn't need a headshot, but if they take your son as a client, he'll definitely need a professional headshot. Good luck!

Meet with agencies prior to getting any headshots or modeling photos as some agencies have preferred photographers they like to work with. I highly suggest working with SAG/AFTRA only agencies. As a professional actor/acting teacher and coach - I have decades of experience working with, and training young children in the industry. I've been with a few agencies in the Bay Area, as well as LA. I loved working with Stars the past few years and with JE several years ago.

I would check into Marielle Hayes at  I have friends who have used her and their photos are beautiful!  She has won Best of the Bay a few times.  That being said I don’t know her experience photographing children.  You can get an idea of her work by looking at her website.