Looking for Advanced Spanish Tutor for 9-Year Old Boy

Hi, I'm looking for someone to work with my son a few hours a week on Spanish writing, speaking and reading. He has attended 4 years of a Spanish immersion elementary school, so is fluent at the moment. But we're moving to a school with no Spanish and I'd like him to be able to keep up with it. Please let me know if you have any recommendations.


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You can skype with qualified Spanish teachers from Guatemala. There are lots of programs and you can try a teacher to decide if it's the right fit. We used one through a language school, of which there are many. It was very convenient, you can share documents, etc. 

I recommend Florencia Orlandoni for Spanish tutoring. She works with my 13 year old son, who attended a bilingual elementary school and needed some more advanced Spanish instruction than what his middle school provided. She is great- patient, caring, and really seems to understand how to individualize her teaching and materials based on the needs and interest of the student. My son looks forward to his hour with her every week. Contact her at florenciaorlandoni [at] gmail.com.

I do not have a tutor recommendation, but having grown up bilingual, and raising my children bilingual, I would recommend that in addition to tutors, make sure he has friends/peers with whom he regularly interacts in Spanish. Find Spanish playdates. Start some other Spanish-speaking activity with peers (Spanish music class? Spanish sports?). If a child only gets Spanish from tutors/schools, they are less likely to keep it up and invest the mental/emotional effort to keep it fresh long-term than if they have friends in Spanish.