Long-Term Planning for Remodel

My wife and I have visions of eventually significant remodeling on our current El Cerrito home. A number of additions, modifications in floor plan, etc.

While this is not in the cards for some time, we do want to have at least some idea in place so that we have something tangible we are targeting and a very ballpark price range, rather than vague notions of "someday."

Any ideas where to start first? An architect? GC? 

I think ideally, we'd want to work with someone familiar with the permitting in El Cerrito, so that--hopefully--things would go more smoothly once we are underway.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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We're currently remodeling in Berkeley. Once you get serious, it's about a 2 year process to reach contractor start, but there's a lot that can impact that. 

Working with an architect helped us flush out thoughts and ideas, gave us something to react to and work through. A contractor also gave us super ballpark estimates of our very early ideas. 

Don't underestimate the time required to reach project start and eventually complete it. Every step takes time. 

While it's a lot of work (and, yes, stress), it's exciting and fun to see the potential and to see it start to come together. We have a great team, which helps. 

I think working with an architect is your best next step. Just be honest that it may be some time before you commit. 

RE: Long-Term Planning for Remodel ()

We’re just starting this process ourselves, so interested to hear what others say. 

To begin, we had an architect come out, spitball ideas, and talk next steps. Specifically, he recommended a few companies that could come do as-is drawings of the house, so that he can sketch up a few conceptual drawings. Then we can take those to a contractor and, as needed, structural engineer to get ballpark cost estimates.