Local, Organic Food Delivery Service for Toddler Lunches

Hi Parents! My son will be starting preschool in August and I don't love the options of the meal program, so we will be sending food from home. I'm curious if there is a toddler meal delivery service in the area that uses organic, local ingredients. Does this exist? I'm looking to save time, meals would be delivered to my home instead of the school. 

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I would suggest looking into Vita Kitchens. They children's menu component to their services and they deliver to your home. We've been very happy with them.


Not a direct response but I have some ideas... I understand time is precious. I'm not sure what you normally eat at home, but toddler / preschool lunches can be very simple and can be made in 5 - 10 min. or less with items that you may already have at home. Cold lunch and water bottle can be made the night before, so it's just grab and go in the morning. I was always excruciatingly pressed for time and here are the things that I did that helped. 

  • Water bottle & lunch boxes (bento style ones) = buy ones that can go into dishwasher. I like Planet Kid a lot for non-leaky items. Yeti products are generally dishwasher safe. (no handwashing)
  • Menu ideas (cold)
    • fruits (apples slices, berries, grapes, etc.) + raw veggies (carrots, celery sticks, sugar snap peas) + dip (ranch or hummus) + carb (pretzels, bread, crackers) + protein (ham slices, boiled egg, cheese stick)
    • Hummus + bread + falafel + fruit
    • Bagel and cream cheese + fruit + seeds/nuts or cheese sticks
    • Sunflower seed butter sandwich + fruit
    • Pasta salad (grocery store made is fine.)
    • Turkey/ham and cheese sandwich + fruit
    • yogurt + apple sauce + fruit + crackers and cheese
    • tortilla roll-up (put anything you want in there and roll up)
    • Hot items (I always put some kind of fruit and veggies as a side) Hot items take 2 min. more because I put hot water in the thermos first to warm it up before I put the items in. 
      • rice and beef or chicken teriyaki 
      • mac and cheese
      • sausage and pancakes
      • quesadilla 
      • Fried rice
      • Pizza
      • Pasta
      • Whatever leftover you have