Living in Fairfax?

We're considering a move to Fairfax, but are worried that Sir Francis Drake is basically the only way back and forth to the east bay, and usually seems to be wall to wall traffic - is it always so bad? Anything else we should be considering? Maybe stick closer to San Rafael to avoid so much congestion?? Thanks in advance for any input!!

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This depends on how often you need to leave Fairfax and at what times.  I live on the Fairfax/San Anselmo border and it normally takes 20 minutes to get to the 101.  If you need to be in the East Bay also consider the Richmond bridge traffic which can be quite heavy heading towards the East Bay in the afternoon.

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Sir Francis Drake has been awful for over a decade.  We love the atmosphere in Fairfax, but traffic was so horrible we decided against it.  Carpooling won't save you any time.  Plus rumor has it that a lot of construction in Fairfax is shoddy, due to lax code enforcement in the past. 

San Rafael has some super cute (and friendly) neighborhoods and a major transit hub, plus good schools and better shopping. 

I hope you have a good real estate agent who knows the market and the neighborhoods.  Contact me if you need a referral.

Good luck!