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I have had elevated liver enzymes for several years now. Have seen my primary care dr and a liver specialist, but neither could diagnose what the issue is (I am at a healthy weight, young-ish, very light drinker, no drug use, etc.). I retested again last month and my enzymes are still elevated. 

Does anyone have a rec for a good dr who could help me figure this out? Or a homeopath who could try to treat using eastern medicine approaches? 

Has anyone had a similar thing happen and been able to determine why? It's a mystery to me but concerning nonetheless.

Thank you!

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I asked Dr. Monahan about your post and she encouraged you to call her. I have several physical, medical and chemical challenges/sensitiviites that are beyond my internist's scope. I use alternative thera pies and approaches as needed. I highly recommend Dr. Katherine Monahan, ND, a local Naturopath, to be a significant resource and support. Her business is called Remedy Natural Medicine. She has a telemedicine practice since COVID and is warm, attentive and knowledgable. Dr. Monahan is a very valuable member of my health care team. Her phone is (510) 543-1728. She offers a brief complimentary call to see if she is a good match. Give her a call. My best wishes, Louise in Alameda

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Hello -- I had elevated liver enzymes as well for a number of years. They turned out to be the result of the auto-immune disorder PBC (primary biliary cirrhosis). There's a test which is pretty accurate in identifying this rare condition. Best of luck to you.