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I'd like to hear some experiences with the Live Oak After School program. The city website ( is not very forthcoming. Our daughter will be attending K at MX in the fall, and the Live Oak Community center is so very convenient to our house.

Thanks in advance!

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My son (kindergarten) attends the after-school there and he absolutely loves it! I have to go pick him up not before 5.30 because he does not want to leave. They use the outdoor space (playground, crick, parc) a lot, so if your daughter is the outdoor kind (my son is) she will love it. They do a lot of plays and the people working there are great but it's not very structured which is perfectly fine for my child, but if your daughter prefers very structured activities maybe it's not the perfect place. It's also a much smaller group compared to the public schools after-schools which is I prefer, especially for younger kids (easier to make friends and not get lost, not confronted with older kids who are in another group). My son also loves to take the bus from school (he is at Washington) to Live Oak, it makes him feel independent. You might want to ask if the program will work next year though. They are doing construction work there this summer (the outdoor is gorgeous but the building is really old). Not sure when they will finish...

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I am pretty sure that the City of Berkeley afterschool program is no longer located at Live Oak Community Center.  It was there for a year, but I believe that that was a temporary location while another community center was being remodeled.  If you are looking for an afterschool program near Live Oak, I highly recommend the JCC on Walnut.  The JCC has tons of enrichment classes but also allows kids to run around on the playground if that's what they need.  At least in the past, there was a school bus from MX that dropped kids off at the JCC.  

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Unfortunately, the Live Oak Community Center will be closed for renovations during the 2019-2020 school year.  The City of Berkeley offers a few other options, but currently only has bussing to the Willard and Frances Albrier Afterschool Programs.  Registration for those programs usually opens in August for new participants.