Life coach or therapist wanted

I’m looking for a life coach or therapist to help me systematically look at my life and decide what I want it to look like and how to get there. I did this exercise for my career a few years ago with the help of the often recommended Toni Littlestone and that exercise really helped me figure out how to improve my job situation and satisfaction and create and implement the plan to land myself in a much more satisfying career. 

At this point I’m specifically looking for someone to help me with the life side of things - family, kids, lifestyle, etc. - not career. I am not an “intuitive” person and often find that what I think will make me satisfied / happy often will not. I’ve seen therapists, and while they help me reflect on how things in my life make me feel and how to improve those small things, they haven’t been helpful for examining my overall life and thinking about what I want it to look like and how to make a plan to get there. I need someone who can recommend tools for self examination, look at some of my jumbled thoughts and ideas, and provide concrete advice on how to move forward.

Can anyone recommend such a person?

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If you’re open to a meditation/mindfulness perspective, I highly recommend Susan champagne. I’ve been seeing her for years and she’s very kind, wise, and helpful. She will tailor the sessions to what you are looking for/curious about. Best wishes!

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I've worked with Kristin Hirt and found she has a nice balance of intuition and solution-focused approach, with a holistic way of considering my circumstances.  She asks great questions that get me thinking about my situation from different angles, which has been helpful for getting me to see things outside of my usual bubble.