LGBTQ - finding late teenage friendships in east bay

 I’m looking for peer to peer support and friendship for my trans non binary lesbian child who is 18 (almost 19) years old. They are going to community college in the east bay this year and are finding it hard to find peers and friends (they were @ college in another state last year). They plan on transferring to UC Santa Cruz next fall. Wondering if there is peer to peer support or other resources for their age group out there so they can socialize. They have a significant other…they are just looking for friendship.  

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In person try The Pacific Center and/ or the Oakland LGBTQ Center  . Online try Gender Spectrum. 
you're an awesome parent!

We found a  program for both our daughters, (ages 13 and 18 years old.). Quetzal and Emily are both skilled and attentive group leaders who offer support to college age young women as well. I know many young women "graduate" from their group when they are done high school and continue on with their young adult offerings. It's all about friendship and a well facilitated social space for them to learn and grow in. Their website online gives more information.  Good luck with your search and to your teen!