Legal service or property management for leasing in-law

Hello! I plan to start renting out a vacant in-law unit in Oakland. My husband and I are first-time landlord and we are intimidated by the process. We live in the main unit with a baby, so we want to be selective with our tennants. We are seeking recommendations for:

1. Any legal service that helps us navigate the Oakland's rental regulations and proof-read our draft lease;

2. Property management service that charges a one-time fee setting up the rental, doing the screening, and showing the in-law unit. 

3. Alternatively, if you are a landlord in a similar situation, could you share your experiences going through this process? I would be happy to talk over phone or buy you a coffee for your two cents.

Thank you in advance for offering your advice!

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I recommend East Bay Rental Housing Association. We use their leases and their tenant screening service. We do our own marketing (post on Craigslist), showings, and maintenance.

There are property management companies out there, we just prefer to minimize costs. 

Good luck to you.

Before hiring anyone to help and DEFINITELY before renting, visit the Oakland Rent Board and make sure you understand their regulations frontwards and backwards.  If Oakland is anything like Berkeley, you don’t want to go into it without very firm knowledge of your responsibilities and the tenant rights in your city (and State; some of those will apply too).  Good luck.

A few years ago I began renting my condo in Berkeley.  I was relieved to be referred to the East Bay Rental Housing Association.  There you will find people who can answer your questions, and all the forms you will ever need to do a lease, specific to each county and city.  They update the forms regularly, and update their members with changes in laws.  There is an annual membership fee, around $250, and it is well worth it to have this service. Good luck!

I recommend Reggie or Vanessa from Cal Agents for property management. 510-899-9221 They will do a one-time fee and get you set up with a tenant. We've had a rental for awhile and after having a bad experience with our previous property management company, we switched to Cal Agents. So far we have been very happy. They are responsive to my many questions and are detail oriented. 

It is better, in my opinion, to handle the rentals yourself. That way, you start forming a relationship from the very beginning. Then use the East Bay Rental Housing Association lease. I think people are more likely to be cooperative if you have a good relationship with them. Feel free to contact me through my user name  if you would like to chat.