Legal help requested for invading bamboo

Any suggestions for an attorney to help me understand my rights with a neighbor who's out of control bamboo is now undermining the foundation of my house..??  

Thanks in advance!

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Have you had a conversation with your neighbor before using an attorney?  It may be possible to resolve the issue without paying fees.  

Geoffrey Murry, , specializes in neighbor disputes. We had tree issues with a neighbor and had a consultation with him. He was knowledgable and helpful. It was good to understand our legal rights and what the court would likely order if we were to litigate this issue, although obviously the goal is to resolve the issue in a friendly and neighborly way first. 

Hi this happened to us but it was we who had the bamboo, planted along the property line and unbeknownst to us, the roots were coming up under our neighbors foundation. We had no idea so your neighbors may not realize either. In our case, our neighbors didn't say anything to us, they submitted a claim to their homeowner's insurance who in turn sued our homeowners insurance which paid for the repairs and we had to remove the bamboo - which trust me was a whole summer job as those roots are brutal.

If you haven’t already done this, I would recommend visiting your city’s Building/Planning department. They could send a building inspector out to assess the impacts and create an official documentation of the damage. The City deals with encroachment issues all the time and should be able to tell you what penalties or other actions they can take on your behalf. Getting an attorney, as you already are, is also a good idea. 

Good luck!