Leaving Kaiser, need pediatrician for teen in Albany/El Cerrito/Richmond

We have been with Kaiser for 13 years. Moving to blue shield. Need to quickly find a Pediatrician for 15-yr-old boy. This is a big move for a kid with on-going issues. Prefer North of Berkeley since our lives are basically Crockett to Albany. Thanks,

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Dr. Maria Steelman is an outstanding pediatrician. She is in Lafayette, but she's worth the drive. Kids and parents love her. My 26-year old daughter still says that Dr. Steelman was the best doctor she has ever seen.


My son was under the care of Dr. Cuthbertson at Berkeley Pediatrics at Walnut and Vine from age 10-15 (he's now almost 17). Dr. Cuthberson just retired and his replacement is an excellent young doctor named Sam Woods. He's been a wonderful doctor for my son who's been dealing with issues around depression and substance use. I can't recommend him more highly. 

Berkeley Pediatrics in N. Berkeley at 1650 Walnut Street & 510-848-2566. We love Dr. Lang, but all of the doctors and staff are amazing. My 4 boys are ages 22 to 5 and we  have a great relationship with the practice. We’ve had asthma, eczema, sports injuries, auto injuries, sexual wellness and mental health topics, birth abnormalities, lead poisoning, and healthy visits too!  The office is great at everything they do and well informed in case you need a specialist. 

I highly recommend Dr. Richard Oken at East Bay Pediatrics.  He has been both of our teenage boys' MD since birth.

Are you sure you're moving to Blue Shield? Blue Shield is leaving the Bay Area. We like the pediatricians at Berkeley Pediatrics, but that may be too far south for you. They have male pediatricians, which can be kind of hard to find.