LEARNS in BUSD - how likely is it to get a spot?

My family is new to BUSD, and we just found out my daughter (1st grade) will be at Washington in the fall.  We put her on the waitlist for LEARNS last week, but are wondering what the chances are of her getting a spot.  Does anyone have any experience with the LEARNS waitlist and how long it might take to get off it?  If she doesn't get in to LEARNS we need to find another option, but it's stressful because most options already appear to be full.  Any advice would be much appreciated!  Thank you.

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We never got off the waitlist for LEARNS at Malcolm X last year for our kindergarten kiddo and we know several people who have been in the same boat. We ended up getting a spot at the City of Berkeley aftercare program at Live Oak park and we're doing the program again this year since it's affordable (around the same price as LEARNS, if not cheaper), the staff members are great and our kid had a great time. There are also programs at San Pablo Park and Willard Park. These programs also tend to get full, but you may have better luck than with LEARNS. There were definitely kids from Washington at our Live Oak aftercare program last year and I believe they provide bussing from Washington as well (my kid took the bus from Malcolm X to Live Oak every day and loved it). Registration for the City of Berkeley programs typically opens in August, though I would email them to check.