Learning Spanish - toddler and myself

Hi, I'm looking for updated recommendations for ways to introduce my toddler (2.5 years) to Spanish and to learn myself as an adult.

In summer we will visit friends in a Spanish-speaking country and she will be around a lot of people speaking Spanish only. I speak Spanish sort of from my school days. Last time I visited I got by but it was pretty rough to not be able to communicate with everyone there. I feel inspired to improve my skills in advance of this trip and would love to introduce her too, as it would be especially great if she could be cared for by some of our Spanish-speaking friends while we are there.

Wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to approach this? I'm interested in things that she and I can do together as well as anything tailored for each of us individually. For her I'm open to everything from watching sesame street together to mommy and me classes to a part time immersion preschool (okay that might be ambitious for our family situation but I am considering). I have no idea what would be most effective.


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East Bay Music Together does a great class  in Spanish called "Canta y Baila" at Destiny Arts Center in Oakland. You get a songbook and CD and the teacher, Anna Maria, is fantastic. We just signed up for our third session. 

Want to echo RLidow's comment on "Canta y Baila Conmigo", and Anna Maria in particular! We're actually focused on teaching our kids  languages other than Spanish (because of our immigrant heritage), but Anna Maria is so good that we'll be rejoining for something like the 4th time. Natalia Bernal and other Canta y Baila Conmigo instructors are also really fun. 

Something very easy and high yield:  watch Peppa Pig in Spanish.  She will hear commonly used idioms and content is very age appropriate and relevant to her.  It is all conversations among young kids and adults to young kids.    It may not get her speaking Spanish, but that will come when she is immersed and has no option - kids will almost always answer back in English anyway unless there is no option.  And she will feel so much more comfortable if she at least understands the basics when she goes on her trip.

both my kids are bilingual (6 and 3) and i have to keep up with them.  Peppa helps me do that!