Lawyer to Sue Home Builder/Developer


I bought a newly remodeled home in 2020 (there had been a fire it was supposedly rebuilt from the studs up). Since then, we've had nothing but problems. As examples: I found out that the builder/developer didn't use primer on the exterior, so the paint is peeling and the wood risks rotting ($20k for a repaint). Today the roof started to leak ($500 for a patch and final repair cost not-yet-known). They used exterior paint inside, and on and on. Basically, they did a shoddy job. I'm wondering 1. do I have legal grounds to sue the builder? We bought a new home in order to avoid some of these problems (I didn't expect to have to put in a new roof for 20 years). and 2. Do I need to get it re-inspected to have a claim? 3. Can you recommend a lawyer for something like this? I'm hoping to find someone tough and very competent.

Thank you.

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We live in a condo. Our complex is built very well but there were some water leaks coming in from the window sills in a few condos. Our HOA sued the builder and won the case. To answer your questions, #1 Not sure but the lawyer can answer your question. #2. For us, we had inspectors/enginners come and inspect in order to have a claim #3. Berdijng & Weil 

Good luck!