Lawyer for a narcissistic coparent - recommend someone?

Need for a lawyer who is effective with a narcissistic coparent

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I highly recommend Donna Gibbs (

Her calm, persistent demeanor was just the antidote for my difficult ex-spouse. 

Good luck to you. 

Dan Preddy, Gonsalves & Kozachenko, 510.770.3900 helped me immensely.  I observed him to be very effective in court (saved me from paying spouse's attorneys fees!) and Dan understands the challenges of difficult/dysfunctional spouses, both in terms of the case strategy and in terms of the understanding and compassion he showed during our conferences.  He is also respected by judges, which can help you feel confident when your matter has to be in court (due to my ex's baseless and narcissistic filings and need to just keep fighting for the sake of fighting).