Lawnless frontyard landscaping ideas

We would like to remove our front lawn in San Leandro.  I am looking at landscaping ideas for drought resistant low maintenance plants on line and it is all a bit daunting.  Are there landscaping students or gardeners who would willing to draw out plans for a reasonable rate?  I can attempt it on my own but I am worried it will end up looking like a haphazard collection of plants.  Where did you do-it-yourself home landscapers turn for guidance or inspiration?  

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We went to our local nursery and asked for suggestions for plants and for local gardeners who could assist in advising us on the layout and to do the actual planting for us. They were happy to help on both fronts, and we now have a bee-friendly, drought-resistant garden. We aren't in San Leandro but I imagine any nursery will be a great starting point for this project. Have fun!