Lawn & irrigation installation recommendation?

We are looking for someone to level out our backyard in West Oakland and install a micro-clover/drought resistant turf lawn in a portion of it (along with irrigation). I don't need a landscape architect, just someone who knows how to smooth everything out and do some basic soil remediation plus the install.

Please don't reply with tips on not having a lawn - I am well aware of the water needs of different landscaping options, which is why we are planning to use plants with low water requirements to have a soft play area that complements the native plants and vegetable garden in the rest of the yard!

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Kevin of Garden Sense in last few weeks put in a new irrigation system in my backyard. His crew cleared a privet and some irises that were taking up too much space, pulled weeds, and moved plants to more favorable positions. He is expert at perennial selection and pruning. He planted lower growing plants  to fill in bare spots in the garden and mulched the entire yard. I look forward to an amazing spring. You can reach Kevin at florere [at] he is practical, experienced, and straightforward. I recommend him and wish you luck!