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Hello everyone.  We are considering the Shu Ren International School for next year’s kindergarten class and were hoping to get some insight on recent experiences with the school from this group.  We toured the school a few years back with an older child and our impression was lukewarm, but they have since had a change in administration and added a number of teachers, and our current impression is more positive.  We would love to get the perspectives of current or recent parents at the school.  [Note: our child has attended a Chinese immersion school and is bi-lingual in English and Mandarin, which is a primary reason for our interest in Shu Ren.]. 

Our child is academically smart, but can be obstinate and needs some growing up socially/emotionally.  So how flexible the school is, and how much the teachers and administration focus on providing individual support to the students, are very important to us.  

We are also interested in any impressions concerning (1) how effective the school is in raising truly bilingual kids, (2) the amount of homework in early grades, and (3) the after school program (ours would be there until at least 5pm every day).  

Thank you!

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Hi Xiaolongbao, Love it and one of my child’s nicknames! Feel free to direct message me at my username. I’d be happy to answer your questions and share my experience over the last 2 years. All the best!