Laser hair removal

Does anyone have recommendations for facial hair removal by laser?

Thank you in advance!

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I’ve had great results from the Skin Studio in Piedmont. (I have medium dark skin and dark hair)

It’s not cheap. And I considered going to a place that has Groupon specials or something. But she’s a nurse practitioner and I’m in good hands. In two sessions I’ve had very little hair come back in the upper lip, chin, armpit and bikini areas. I have a few more sessions to go but am pleased with the results thus far. 

RE: Laser hair removal ()

Highly recommend Michele Menezes at Kaiser Union City. You don’t need to be a Kaiser member since it’s out of pocket.  I’ve been going for 5 years. She’s professional, kind, helpful and gentle. Plus knowledgeable about what she does. She gets rid of the hair!!!!  This is part of the Derm department. Prices also highly competitive since it’s Kaiser. 

the only issue is she books out WAY in advance. But if you can schedule far ahead, no issues.