Landscape designer w specialty in fruit trees/ edible landscaping

We are looking to re-do our front yard and back yard. We are especially interested in adding more fruit trees, raised gardening beds, and maximizing the space for edible landscaping, while also having a space that is beautiful and easy to manage. Any recommendations are appreciated! I don't think we need a landscape architect, but we also want to remove the concrete steps leading to our porch and replace with something more aesthetically pleasing. 

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We have been working with Patrick Sunbury who has a farm himself!

I highly recommend Janice Nicol, whose company is YardKit. She did our design to help us redo our yard, which was in major need of an overhaul. And we love it! We have great raised veggie planting beds as part of her design (in the same material as our deck so it looks great!) and I know she's knowledgable about trees and could work with the wholesale nursery to get you the right fruit trees (she helped us find a persimmon and a magnolia we were hoping for).