Landscape designer by the hour?

We have a small backyard that is largely already landscaped. We like some of the trees and plants but the overall vision is cluttered and disjointed. Hoping to meet with someone who can consult by the hour to make some suggestions. I’m sure this will be a high hourly price, but still so much cheaper than the thousands for a “full yard design”

Has anyone done this and has someone to recommend (who doesn’t have a 20k minimum)?

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I HIGHLY recommend Will Boone. I have very small yard and Will has been amazing in designing, implementing the vision, and caring for it. I had an idea of what I wanted for the first area and Will got my vision right away and made specific plant and border suggestions that made the space better than I could have imagined. For the other part of our yard, I didn't know what I wanted, so I gave Will free reign and he created a beautiful space. He's knowledgeable, diligent, and a really nice guy (and charges by the hour): wrhblandscapes [at]

Nina Mullen ( did something like this for us in 2016. We needed to submit a landscape plan to the city as part of the permit process for our second-storey addition, and she consulted for just a couple of hours and drew up a design we could use. We really liked her, and ended up implementing some of her suggestions anyway, but she did not insist on a full redesign project. 

I recommend YardKit. We used them for our yard. Janice is an awesome designer and very responsive through her website. She'll answer questions you have before diving into any project.