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We have a blank slate for a backyard and need some help with design. Has anyone worked with a great landscape designer architect that they really liked? Our vision is pretty simple so designer is probably sufficient over an architect. Please let us know if you have any leads! We are located in Oakland in the Lakeshore/Crocker highlands neighborhood. 

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Yea, I'd recommend Seed and Stone landscapes -

I found them to be really direct, reliable, with a high quality of design and craftsmanship.  

Yes, I’ve worked with Jeremy Butler Pinkham in Berkeley under and he has a good landscape architect he works with too. Highly recommend. He knows Berkeley and lives there too so knows the planners and has been in the field a long time as well as is honest and super efficient and fairly priced. Good luck! 

Suzanne Arca!!!  We tried a number of different designers to create a small garden between our driveway and the edge of our property, but none of them created anything that we really liked. Finally, we found Suzanne, and we have loved the design she created.

Her phone is 510-558-0636, fill out the "contact form on her website, or visit their Facebook page.

We recently had our small backyard redone with John Reppard Landscaping and loved the results! I’m happy to share photos. John was easy to work with and had great ideas. It’s really transformed the space into a usable space for both us and our 2-yr-old!