KSS preschool?

Hello! I am thinking about sending my toddler to KSS preschool in Montclair when she turns 3 and am curious to hear about experiences (good or bad) that other folks have had there. I don’t know any families who have sent their kids to KSS and I hesitate to send her there without hearing from someone who has been. Thanks!

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We have had our son there since last December and have had a very positive experience. He loves it. There is good communication and the teachers are warm and proactive. Lots of outdoor play time and fun art activities. My son is already fluent in Spanish so I don’t know how much Spanish is learned by English-speaking kids. I would definitely recommend KSS!

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Our family has been at KSS for 4 years now. The maestras are absolutely wonderful: loving, warm, engaged with the kids, and genuinely passionate about teaching. It's now part of a larger corporation so it feels less home-grown than before, but that's not all bad. Our kids have absolutely thrived here and it is genuinely an immersive experience for the kids. The curriculum is varied and theme-based, so kids are exposed to many different topics. iBuena suerte!