Korean class or babysitter for 4 year old

We have a four year-old who really wants to learn Korean, but only the grandparents speak it well. 

Anyone know of a Korean-speaking babysitter or a good class for little kids around Berkeley?


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Oakland Korean School is excellent and starts at age 4, and there are also classes available at the Alameda Bay School that I’ve heard of. 

My kids around that age used to do Saturday Korean lessons at a Korean church in El Cerrito/Richmond. I forget the name but it's a couple blocks off San Pablo and Potrero. Hope that's enough info to find it!

Or else, maybe you can get Korean TV shows for children on youtube or on TV?  Children soak up language like a sponge so now is the best time to get started.

Check out Oakland Korean School. https://theokschool.com/

It’s not near Berkeley but if you’re interested in an immersion preschool, check out DoReMi Kids, in San Francisco.


Also, San Francisco public school’s Clair Lillianthal, has an immersion program from kinder to 8 th grade.