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Hi. So my kiddo is going to be 2 in a few days and starting a new preschool in January. I’m trying to find a KN95 mask that will fit them well. I see lots of reviews of masks for kids though most of them seem to be geared for children over the age of four. Can anyone recommend a mask appropriate for a two year old? washable is preferred and i am open to disposable recommendations too!!! Thank you

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The only mask I found that my 2.5 year old will wear for extended periods of time and are the equivalent of ~N95 are Happy Masks: The only issue is that every other parent also wants them, so they're sold out across the site, until you get off of their waitlist. They are pricey, another warning - but I found for my peace of mind and easing Covid anxiety for our littles, they are so worth the price. I cannot recommend them more, despite the annoying wait time and cost. I recommend getting on their waitlist and buy the max of 5 per order, but find some suitable masks you can get right now until you get off the waitlist. Good luck! ~ Jen

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From my understanding there are no N95 masks for children, unfortunately only for adults. The problem is the seal is supposed to be completely fitted and secure to not allow any tiny water droplets in, and it’s likely too hard to fit these for children. We used child size surgical masks and/or triple layered fabric masks that are cover their nose and chin. 

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I have been using enro masks. They are not KN95 but they have filtered layers and adjustable ear loops. I find them very comfortable. They do have an XXS size kids mask. You could see if one of those would fit. They have two versions - Tech and Curv. Definitely get the curv one if you can, it’s raised over your mouth so it feels more breathable.

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So, my daughter is 3.5 now but she has been a champion mask wearer according to her preschool teachers and I think a good fit helps with that.  She does occasionally remark on the smell of a new mask, but accepts that the smell will fade over time. 

We have the disposable masks we got that were recommend by the citizen-scientist Aaron Collins, who tests masks in his bathroom (he says there are a lot of counterfeits on Amazon, surprise, surprise). 

His chart is here:

My daughter consistently wears the Bio U&I

We haven't tried, but he also recommended:

In terms of washable, my kids love their Happy Masks, although they lose filtration over time (we use them for outdoor park play). They haven't liked the Enro masks, because they suck into their mouths easily as they breathe (the little one just chewed on it). Plus the Enro doesn't have the filter all the way to the edge, so even though the filtration is great, real-life wearing is leaky, making it not much better than a good surgical mask.  

We also have a Flo Mask, which is great for a good seal, but will be too big for your little one still:

Finally, a good mask doesn't do much if not worn. I think the messaging to your little one is the trickiest part... I prepped mine for the smell, and being in social spaces was predicated upon wearing the mask (and was willing to pick up and go home if it wasn't being worn). 

Good luck!!

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Hi! Have you looked into Happy Masks?  They are reusable, and my 2 year old wears it for hours with no issues. They have a good filter, and come in cute patterns. My 4 yr old also wears them well.

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My daughter is 3 now but started masking at 2. Initially we used only Oso and Me masks (cloth, not N95) as they were the only ones I could find that fit her well. Now we use Happy Masks (hard to come by) but great fit and comfort. We also have disposable KN94 masks that fit really well, there are many brands on Amazon, we have Bluna brand ones (with the duck on the packaging).

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NPR just published and article on where to source N95s and there was also a link to  kid’s specific masks

i can’t seem to paste npr link but the title of article is
 “With Omicron you need a masks that means business”

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There are many KF 94 options, a few KN 95. These masks are NOT washable, but they are reusable, you can usually get a few days until they are soiled. Aaron Collins is a great resource and has tested masks and recommendations on size:

Personally we used SoomLab KF 94's for our 5 year old but it might be too big:

They do deliver quickly. Good luck!

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Our 2yr old started with using these from Amazon.  They are very soft and gentle so they don't bother his face. He enjoys the colors too.

This week we switched to the disposable ones here.  They fit well on him around the face, but I still need to tie tiny knots in the bands.

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I would also refer to the CDC website which makes it clear that there are no respirators scientifically approved to be safe and effective for children, and warns that there are many counterfeit masks being sold: