Kitchen Designer for Partial Remodel?

I've done a full kitchen remodel before, but the kitchen in our current home just needs a "facelift." Does anyone have experience working with a kitchen designer for planning a minor remodel like this? We can't change the layout due to structural issues and the wooden cabinet boxes are in great shape, but I need help on color and material choices for repainting/refacing doors and changing out counters and tiles. Ideally I'd like a designer who could make those suggestions, create mock-up designs, and give us budget estimates. Thank you!

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I am in the process of doing a kitchen facelift right now, working with Cillesa Ullman: (510)390-3176 I would highly recommend her! We remodeled 21 years ago, and lately the kitchen has seemed dated. Our cabinets are in good shape, and we like them. So we kept the cabinets, but we had the old granite counters and backsplashes carefully removed and replaced with quartz and tile. She redesigned the island to make it smaller and more functional. It is starting to look like a brand new kitchen. Cillesa did all the drawings and brought samples of counters and tile to me, so the process has been quite easy. Good luck! It's amazing what you can do with just a few minor changes. 

Hi--our project is not finished yet, so I can't really speak to the final result, but designer Tiffany Shraeder-Brown ( has been wonderful to work with. My sense is that she will provide whatever level of design services you are looking for. She has helped me choose the arrangement of cabinets (our cabinet boxes needed replacing anyway), the door style, color, countertop, backsplash, light fixtures, etc. She will narrow down the infinite choices for each of those things to a few options that make sense based on your own style and what works with your house. She definitely thought of a lot of details that would not even have occurred to me. She has relationships with suppliers and contractors, and a really good sense of timelines and budgets. She can help you with design and also execution of your project. I decided early on just to put my faith in her and I have no regrets! I am chronically indecisive, and Tiffany has been really helpful to me in this regard. She is communicative and organized. 

Highly Recommend Kyoko Jackson of Yumi Interiors - - she did exactly this type of facelift with our kitchen and i'm thrilled with her work and suggestions.