Kitchen cupboard door dilemma

Our cupboard doors and drawers are terrible, old, overpainted so they don't close and the paint chips off and sticks to the floor. Does anyone know of someone that could make new doors and drawers or strip and re-paint the old ones? I don't want to spend a lot but want to improve this situation. Thanks!

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While you're comparing prices, I might recommend looking at Ikea kitchens (and I think they might have an annual sale- apparently it was 15% off in 2016).  Great fixtures, lots ways to customize to what you want.  As one data point, I think we spent about $5-6K for all new cabs- about 25 lineal feet.  This includes all internal fixtures and finishes (but not countertop).  We just love, love ours.  Good luck!

RE: Kitchen cupboard door dilemma ()

Have you considered refacing?