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The countertops in our kitchen are 30+ year old Corian ones and are quite worn. We want to replace them with quartz material but the company which installed the original ones is no longer in business. As a result we would appreciate any advice and recommendations of fabricators/installers who would do a very fine and high quality job. Many thanks.

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We use Ecohome Improvement (Berkeley) for our quartz countertops installed in Feb 2020. They hire out to a third party to install (as most places do), who did a great job and were highly professional. Perfect cuts/barely noticeable seams/great cleanup.

We choose this: We love the color and the only problem is some slight discoloration around the faucet handle after this period of intense use due to all of us being home all the time.

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Check out Sullivan’s Countertops in Oakland.  They are knowledgeable, exacting and friendly. We love our kitchen partly because of how nice the countertop looks. 

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Bay Countertops in Richmond is amazing! I knew exactly which brand, color, and size of quartz slab I wanted, so they were able to do a quote for me entirely via email. The installer was totally professional, accommodating, and took responsibility for the work performed. I was rushing to get my kitchen done while pregnant and he came out to measure while I was 39 weeks. Fabrication takes about 1 week, so he even came to do the final installation while I was giving birth in the hospital. Talk about service! They accidentally scratched my new sink on the install but took care of buying a new one super quickly thanks to the fact I got it thru Amazon Prime. He was super apologetic and it didn't cost me anything extra. Which is exactly the way it should be when there is a mistake. The installer even gave me tips for every day cleaning vs. deep cleaning. I have 2 cm (3/4") thick Caesarstone with a 1.5" mitered edge, fabricated from a jumbo slab so that I don't have any joints in my counters. The edge is perfect and you cannot see a seam at all. I love my countertops and would choose Bay Countertops again!