Where to look for kitchen countertops?

Where is a great place to look for kitchen countertops?  Our contractor recommended that I go to Sullivans but they have gotten a lot of bad reviews (several 1 of 5 stars) lately so I am hesitant to use them.  I'm wondering if they have new staff because a couple of years ago they got all great reviews. 

Can anyone recommend another great place to go to in the East Bay?

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We checked out Sullivans but also looked at a lot of places in the Hayward/San Leadro area.  We were targeting Quartz and ended up buying TCE (could check out slabs but had to buy from a 3rd party)

See some places below::



Stay away from Stone Etc in Hayward. They were terrible to work with, caused delays on our project, and did not communicate well. The final product was fine but not worth the aggravation of working with them.