Kitchen and bath designer to use with our contractor

Hi there - We are looking for recent recommendations for a designer that we can hire to help us think through kitchen and bath decisions to guide our contractor. Not interested in a super high end "fancy" result but we are definitely passionate about smart, modern design: high quality fixtures, efficient use of space, good flow, easy to keep clean, and maybe bells and whistles we don't know about to make the kitchen even more functional. We are a big food and cooking family so the kitchen is definitely the nerve center of our house and we want to get it right. Thanks!

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We used Angelisse Karol for our kitchen and bathroom. She helped with tile, fixtures, paint. She's a little quirky (and a bit expensive), but she doesn't waste your time, and she has a great eye. We loved the outcome.

I can recommend Toshie Lim. We worked with her 5+ years ago on our bathroom, but I recently referred a friend to her for help with her kitchen design and she loved her.

wacworksdesign [at]

We lived in Maxwell Park and hired Jason Urrutia of Urrutia Design for our kitchen renovation and we loved the results!!.  He is an experienced talented designer who listened to our desires and created a design that was within our budget, simple and beautiful. This was our first major home renovation and you can imagine all our questions and concerns we had  but Jason and his team never tired of answering all of our questions and sharing their insights. Do not let the fancy address or website be a deterrent, he and his team are down to earth and work with most homeowners budgets. Urrutia Design,  415-332-7777