Is King Middle School integrated?

Considering a move to Berkeley.  Are the middle schools integrated yet, or is that still in the works?  If it's happened already, what have been people's experiences with a less segregated King Middle school?  Thanks.

[moderator note: BUSD has been integrated since 1968. The poster may be referring to a previous question of theirs where one of the replies referenced "integration": ]

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Integration? Do you mean rezoning? There is an article on the rezoning here:

From the article: For the 2023-24 school year only, the district plans to give enrollment priority to students who are currently enrolled in fifth grade and have an eighth-grade sibling graduating from middle school next year. The one-year policy is the result of a compromise, an effort to create a buffer for families to transition to their new middle schools without watering down the policy too much.  “Every exception we make dilutes the point of the policy, which is to end these years of disparities and systemic racism that our current system perpetuates,” said school board director Ty Alper.