Kindergarten: San Leandro public vs. independent?

I am joining the ranks of many before me and fretting about kindergarten, in particular the public vs. independent debate (I have perused some previous threads related to this on BPN).  I am seeking parents with experience sending their children to Washington Elementary's Dual Language Immersion Program in San Leandro - I would love to hear about families' experience there (info about it on BPN is dated).  I am also curious to hear from families who have done Reggio Emilia pre-school and if you chose to use your neighborhood/public school vs. an independent school for kindergarten and beyond. I'm in particular curious to learn how Reggio kids have done as they transition to public school.  I love the Reggio Emilia approach and think it has worked well for my son.  I admit that I am being allured/seduced by some of the independent schools I have toured and the idea that he could continue to learn in a manner (semi-)aligned with the Reggio Emilia approach. I am trying to determine if it is worth the financial sacrifice to go with an independent school vs. sticking with my original plan to enroll in the neighborhood school, with all its potential benefits.  Any and all thoughts welcome! Thank you.

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FWIW we are among those families who sent both our kids to our so-so neighborhood elementary school (in West Contra Costa Unified) and made a switch around middle school age to private. I went to (truly!) EVERY open house at ALL the independent schools between Richmond & Berkeley, agonizing over the "best" choice, before enrolling my eldest for K at the neighborhood public school. Was it great? No. Was it okay? Sure, and we as a family made a lot of friendly local acquaintances and friends. And I know that our family made a difference in the PTA's budget and projects. Am I glad we saved the $$$$ for middle school? Yes!  If money is no object, sure, consider private school starting at K, although it won't work for every child. But if you are just middle class like us, and you would be sacrificing something to pay for private school, it makes a lot of sense to try the public school first.