Kindergarten - Connections Academy?

Looking for feedback on Connections Academy as an alternative independent study program for kindergarten. Thnx in advance!

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We're a Connections Academy family. We started last year (2nd and 5th grades) after unexpectedly finding during Covid that remote schooling worked well for our family. We plan to continue next year and our kids have no desire to return to a traditional school. 

What we like:

  • There's a teacher who they're accountable to - it's not just parents telling them what they have to do and when. Teachers also provide feedback on assignments.
  • They have a virtual class - we attend the zoom session daily as part of their school time, though only a certain number are required. They vary from lessons to fun activities like scavenger hunts or show & tell.
  • Can go at their own speed - if they get something quickly they can move on, if not they can spend as much time as they need
  • Create own schedule - we sometimes block subjects to keep building on learning, take breaks when feeling antsy, or work ahead to take a day off
  • Flexibility for our family - we've traveled, taken days for family activities, etc. We've done school from national parks, campgrounds, in the car, etc. allowing for amazing, hands-on learning experiences.
  • All materials are provided & great quality, including books, art supplies, science kits - all have been above what we experienced in traditional school (even when paying for private). When we need something not provided it's things we typically have on hand.
  • Subjects are often interconnected (e.g., Language Arts will be reading a paragraph or essay about space, then Science will be creating a diagram of planets)
  • We don't have issues or concerns with bullying, violence, etc.

The downsides:

  • It does require a fair amount of parental support/involvement, especially younger grades. Our 5th grader was fairly independent with us as quality & comprehension checks, but our 2nd grader needed much more one-on-one support throughout assignments. 
  • Missing the social aspect of traditional school, though there are regular meet-ups/events in-person & online. We've been working to supplement with other activities. Perhaps if there's a group in the bay area, we could set up a regular meet-up.