kim’s still in operation?

does anyone know if kim’s daycare is still in operation? i’m vietnamese and would love for our baby to learn some vietnamese at daycare!

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I think so if you are refering to the one near Piedmont. I took a tour two or three months ago and it was still open.

However, she only had one baby at that time so I do not know if she decided to close due to lacking of enrolled babies. 


Yes, I just spoke with Binh earlier this week and the daycare is still in operation. I think she currently has 3 kids enrolled. Not sure if she's looking for more, but definitely reach out. We had a great experience at Kim's and only stopped sending our baby there because we moved out of the country to be closer with my family. I think you'll really like Binh and her daycare!


I emailed her in August 2023 and she said she had three babies (all under a year), but no room currently.  We're planning to check in when our kid is a little bigger.