Diverse, kid-friendly neighborhoods in Lamorinda

Hello every one. We recently moved from MN to Lafayette and planning on buying a house here. We are considering both Orinda and Lafayette area. We have a 3year old and 17month twins. we saw some houses in Eltoyonal and wilder and would love your advise about good neighborhoods.We are looking for a cultural/racial diverse community (we are turkish muslims)and hopefully a good school district. Thanks.

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Hello friends,

We live in the El Toyonal neighborhood of Orinda and we are also muslims and we have twins and a baby. I have met few other muslim family in El Toyonal. Our local school (Wagner ranch elementary) takes diversity and belonging very seriously thanks to our Diversity and Inclusion parent association.  I will be so happy to have you as neighbor. Welcome.

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I wish you the best. Salam

Both cities have excellent schools - top in the state. There are no “bad schools”.

I grew up in Oakland and have lived in Orinda for 20 years with 3 kids. I think Orinda is more diverse than Lafayette - but only diverse in that it has more Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern families. Very few Black families.

I walk around Wilder a lot and anecdotally it seems to have a large Asian population and everyone I personally know who lives there is non white. Biggest cons for that area is that you have to get on freeway to access the town.

If I were you I would look in the Ivy Drive and Glorietta neighborhoods in Orinda. And join a swim club! Welcome :)