Kid Tanking and Hates Distance Learning

My 15 year old, a formerly A/B student, is tanking her online classes. Little or no work is getting done. At first she did ok, but at this point it feels like there’s no point. Screens are blank during class time, teachers are inconsistent in terms of Zoom hours and assignments, she’s not connecting with anyone, and she’s lonely and depressed. Yes we have a therapist. But she’s stopped doing work and finds no point in logging on to a class  that is disconnected from her life. I don’t blame teachers, though I wish some communicated with us more. It’s the medium. Online learning honestly stinks, and I know a lot of kids who are struggling with similar issues. It’s not sustainable and I don’t know what to do. Help, please. 

Parent Replies

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I am sorry that your daughter has to be in this situation.  How often does she take a walk to enjoy nature?  Just getting out and walking around everyday and maybe taking hikes on weekends will help.  Sometimes just going out and then trying her online classes may help.  Does she have friends she can talk to when she has free time on zoom, facetime, or skype?  Can she take a walk with a friend staying six feet apart and wearing masks?  Getting out and talking to friends and also relatives may help her get through the distance learning.  Can she take a break from school for an hour to do something she really likes (cooking,reading, crafts)?  I know it is hard and can be lonely but perhaps these suggestion may help.

I know it is scary to allow anyone into your covid bubble, but you may want to consider letting her have a study buddy. Someone who is taking the same classes. They could discuss the work and help each other. Commiserate. Sit at a desk or table and do math problems together. And encourage her to call others who have the same teachers so she can express her frustrations and just talk. The isolation make everything worse.