Adult Kickball League East Bay?

Hi All!

I have been making some lifestyle changes recently, in the hopes of having a healthier adulthood. Part of that is finding sustainable and fun ways to get my exercise. To that end, I am looking for an adult kickball league to join. I have always loved kickball and it seems like the right fit for me for regular exercise in a team sport. I haven't played for years, so I would need a team that is looking to have fun and will be able to teach a new-comer. I did some searching and had a hard time finding one in the East Bay (I live in Richmond). Any he,p is appreciated.


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The City of Albany usually has a kickball league, you should be able to check with them to see if they can help you find a team needing free agents.  Good luck!

Hi Rebecca - my husband just joined a Wed night league in Walnut Creek as a free agent.

The league starts in a few weeks: