Son recently diagnosed with Keratoconus

I am looking for anyone who either has a child or yourself has Keratoconus and where and if you sought treatment.  My  son has been recently diagnosed with it and is being seen at Kaiser Oakland.  I would consider going outside Kaiser for treatment.

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My husband has had excellent care through Kaiser all his life after the diagnosis in his teens. He has been pleased with Dr. Han's (Oakland) care. Excellent care is paramount because the scarring can be exacerbated by ill fitting contacts. Kaiser took good care of him with his cornea transplant in his 40s.

Thank you to the person who responded about her husband.  I tried to find Dr. Han as an opthalmologist at Kaiser Oakland but he/she isn't listed.  Also, did you husband have Cross Linking done there?

Thanks again.


Dr. Han is found in the Oakland Optometry department.