Kaiser therapist recs?

Has anyone had a particularly good experience with a therapist who takes Kaiser insurance? I'm a married mom with a toddler, and I'm dealing with some anger issues I'd like to work on. Thanks!

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As far as I know Kaiser therapy is still woefully understaffed and it will take a long time to get in to someone unless it is an emergency.  Non emergent cases are not usually offered weekly therapy in any event.  A family member had a really good experience though at an anger management group out of Kaiser Richmond.  They run a non-forensic anger management group, meaning it is explicitly not for folx court-ordered to treatment for anger but for people who self-identify as wanting help in that area.   My family member met a broad range of people there and found the tools they offered incredibly helpful.  And I can say they made a HUGE difference in our household.  As a side note, I am a therapist myself and about half my practice is people who have Kaiser insurance but pay me out of pocket because they can't get seen for therapy at Kaiser.

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Hi there,

Amanda Carroll in Oakland, but I think she’s part time now. I’m having the same problem, but looking for someone closer to Walnut Creek.

...also check out Hand in Hand Parenting videos.



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I had a really good experience at Kaiser Oakland with Patrizia Meunier. I have no idea if she is seeing new patients or not but it would be worth trying to see her if you can. She's warm, funny, insightful, and is just an all-around skilled therapist. Kaiser can be a pain to deal with for therapy but she was super helpful to me. Take care and I hope you get the support you need.