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I am looking for a family/relationship therapist at Kaiser for myself. Generally, I prefer a warm, compassionate, non-judgemental person who is engaged rather than just listens. Someone who is also married with children and can empathize from a place of experience. Most friends have recommended therapists outside of Kaiser, so please let me know if you can suggest someone with Kaiser in the Oakland/Richmond area. Many thanks!

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The short answer is if you’re looking for long term therapy you can’t get it at Kaiser.  Some of their therapists will straight up tell you “I can see you for 3 visits”; some may see you, but your visits will be pretty far apart. Not sure if you’re looking for longer term therapy - they can refer you out to either Beacon or Magellan, but almost no therapists accept either of those for insurance.  Now, if you’re looking for shorter term therapy I haeny answered your question, sorry, both of the people I liked have left Kaiser.  They often refer you to Kaiser groups also. Best of luck; Kaiser is extremely well known for having horrible mental health services. 

I don't have a recommendation for you, but will be interested to follow responses because it's my understanding that you can't just *see* a therapist through Kaiser. They're horrifically understaffed for all mental health services and have a wait-list just to have the initial screening intake phone call. My son was having crisis-level anxiety with school refusal and it took us 7 days just to talk to a therapist over the phone for 20 minutes. Follow up was another phone call in 6 weeks. Best of luck to you. 

I had to go out-of-network, too.  Kaiser's policy seems to be: 1) do you want to try our group sessions first?  2) do you want to speak to a therapist for a fixed period of time?

For #1, the group sessions were nice and a good supplement to what I was doing.

For #2, I actually did both - an out-of-network and Kaiser therapist at the same time.  The big difference is that Kaiser focused on the now and future (in the therapist's words), while the other therapist focused on the past and debugging issues more deeply.

I found the Kaiser experience positive - I didn't have to wait the way others are describing.  It's just a difference in approach, and kept to Kaiser's usual "focus on the standard level of proven care".

I would just pay out of pocket and try one of the people that was recommended to you. I never had any luck getting consistent talk therapy through Kaiser. If you are able to get services, though, please let us know here, with any tips you may have! Good luck.