Kaiser pediatric allergist recommendation

I'm new to the world of pediatric food allergies (my infant recently had an anaphylactic reaction and we still aren't sure to what) and looking for advice on pediatric allergists. I'd like to hear any positive or negative experiences others have had with Kaiser's allergy department when dealing with a child with food allergies. I'm not confident in the information we've received thus far, so would love to find out if anyone with a child with a food allergy has an allergist they'd recommend through Kaiser and find out what you like about him or her. Likewise, I'd like to hear about negative experiences with any specific allergists. As open enrollment nears, I'm trying to figure out whether to stay with Kaiser (which I've otherwise been happy with pre-allergies) or possibly switch insurance to have more choice over who we see. 

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Hands down, Dr. Chen Kaiser Shadelands in Walnut Creek.  He is thorough, informative and solution oriented.  I can't say enough good things about him.  He figured out my daughters sleep issues with her allergies.  Kaiser Oakland identified the basic allergies much earlier in our childs life, but did not connect the allergy connection and difficulty breathing.  A turbinate reduction allowed her to breath through the night and get a good nights sleep.  Lack of sleep was so much worse than I knew. We had been told it was asthma, but it wasn't.  

He is a Chief at Kaiser. Very, very, thorough.

Shadelands is small and very friendly.   My good friend saw another allergist there that she thought very highly of as well.

I concur! Dr. Chen figured out a very longstanding (a decade+!) allergy issue for my husband. He was seen prior by private practice allergists in Berkeley, who kept just adding on more and more medications!