Kaiser or not Kaiser for surgery (hysterectomy)

Timing is everything...it's open enrollment and it looks like I need a hysterectomy. We currently have Kaiser, but we had been planning to switch to a PPO that would begin January 1st. So I could possibly do the surgery with Kaiser, or I could wait (it's not cancer) and get it somewhere else. We're in Walnut Creek. Obviously no one has had this specific surgery in two places to compare, so I wanted to ask generally how Kaiser surgeons are. How can I go about researching surgeons, is that possible? Any recommendations for a good surgeon, either at Kaiser or outside Kaiser near Walnut Creek? Feedback on overnight hospital stay experiences? Thanks!

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I think that Kaiser OB/GYNs are some of the best in the country. Plus, Kaiser has rigorous and high benchmarks for safety, quality in care, and outcomes. I haven't had a hysterectomy but I've had other GYN surgeries at Kaiser's in Oakland and Pleasanton. I've also had lots of GYN interaction with their teams during and after pregnancy. I think very highly of them and have full confidence in their care. In fact, I wouldn't go anywhere else for care.

Hello, I had a really good experience with a hysterectomy and hydrocele surgery with Dr. Ram (female doctor) at Oakland Kaiser.  It was about 6 years ago.  She was a very pragmatic and young, but experienced surgeon, who was happy to explain options and wanted me to ask her about anything that concerned me so that I was comfortable with what was going to be happening.

I had scheduled gynecological surgery at Kaiser, and it was my ob-gyn who did it.  So if you like your ob-gyn, ask her if she would be the one doing the surgery, and if she can do it before Dec 31.

I had uterine surgery 4 years ago in order to get pregnant. They sent me to Kaiser Richmond. It was an all around great experience, as far as surgeries go. Everything felt well organized and smoothly run, from check-in through discharge. And I got pregnant the very next cycle and delivered a healthy full term baby, so the surgery was clearly successful.