Kaiser ob/gyn for perimenopause

Hi wise BPN community - 

Wondering if anyone can recommend a female Kaiser ob/gyn in either Oakland or Walnut Creek who is expert in issues related to perimenopause. My wonderful MD retired recently and I'm having a hard time finding someone who seems invested enough in the issues I'm having to give me the guidance and advice that I need. 
Thank you!

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I recently saw Dr. Erica Simon to ask about that and get a script for OCs, essentially for HRT.  I chose her after reading  https://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/ncal/providers/ericasimon  I'd recommend her with the caveat that Kaiser charged me for the appt even though I made it as a family planning visit (100% covered under the Affordable Care Act). When I contacted Dr. Simon thru the KP portal to inquire she kindly supported my request for review to reverse the charge.  If you're concerned about billing, be aware of both how you describe the purpose of your appt and how she codes it.