Kaiser Oakland/Richmond psychologist for anxious nine year old?

Hi BPN. It's been a long and windy road but Kaiser finally approved a referral for a psychologist for my nine year old son. He's suffering from severe general anxiety, fear of being alone, etc. He is also _extremely_ hard on himself: if he messes up something he'll turn his frustration and anger inwards (hits himself, says he's a terrible person). I know Kaiser's therapists can be hit or miss, so I'd appreciate a recommendation (or three!) if you have one. I'm particularly interested in a therapist with experience with CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) or similar modalities that offer both near- and longer-term practical support and assistance. Many thanks for any thoughts you can share!  

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Doctor Altermann at KP Richmond is by far the most sensitive, experienced pediatric psychologist that we have seen, and we have seen a lot.

We've seen Dr. Shaffer at Kaiser Richmond for a simlair problem.  Unfortunately, we only saw her once before shelter in place started and I've had a few phone check ins since, but I liked her.