Kaiser Oakland Physical Medicine and Rehab for spine/Dr. Sheikh

After an MRI showing some unfortunate stuff going on with my lower spine and causing nerve issues in my legs and feet, I've been referred to the Kaiser Oakland Department of Physical Medicine and Rehab, where I will be seeing Dr. Sheikh.  (1) Does anyone have experience with Dr. Sheikh, either at Kaiser or at Rossmoor (which is where the internet seems to think she works), and/or (2) any advice about working with the Physical Medicine and Rehab department for spine issues?  Since there doesn't seem to be any information available about Dr. Sheikh, does anyone have another doctor they'd like to recommend in this department, just in case I end up needing the information?  Thanks very much!  This is all new to me.

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I’m currently working with Dr. Sheikh. You’re in great hands. She’s very kind and empathetic, and will work really hard to make sure you get the care you need. She actually added an appointment to her calendar last week to see me in between procedures, to ensure I could get my next procedure scheduled. I wouldn’t look for anyone different. 

the biggest advice I could give you about working with the PT department is to both be ready to practice patience, yet also make sure to advocate. What I’ve learned working with Kaiser specialties is that they are just so impacted. So there tends to be long waits for appointments and procedures. The procedure I scheduled last week is two months out. Though to be honest, my waits outside if Kaiser were similar. 

Also, try not to be turned off with the staff you speak to to get things scheduled. Some have been downright rude, most sound curt (maybe they are busy), but a couple have been really nice. Don’t expect a call back if you leave a message, that’s hit or miss. Hmmm, what else?!? Oh, if you message Dr. Sheikh, she may take a day or two to respond. I was eager after a procedure a couple weeks ago, so hounded her a bit, and she was polite about it but I probably didn’t need to. Ask if physical therapy will be beneficial, and don’t accept virtual PT- it doesn’t help. 

As a reference- I’ve been dealing with chronic neck pain for the last 3 or so years. My Sutter doctors found the spine narrowing and nerve issues about 2 years ago, but I had an insurance switch while waiting for the specialist appointment. Had to start all over- new MRI, specialist appointments, etc. I was referred to Physical Medicine last July, had my appt with Dr. Sheikh in August, had to reschedule my first neck procedure in October to January, and not the next (and hopefully longer term solution) one will be in April. My procedure was in Richmond, and that doctor was also great. 

I think you’re in good hands. Good luck with everything! 


I'm now going to answer my own question!  I recently had my appointment with Dr. Sheikh, and she was kind, knowledgeable, and very thorough.  So, thumbs-up!