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Hi, has anyone recently given birth at Kaiser in Oakland? How was your experience? Would you recommend it? Thank you 

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I gave birth at Kaiser in late 2021 and had a wonderful experience. Attentive staff and they were very supportive of our choices. We had a private room for each phase (waiting to dilate, delivery, and post-care). They also provided lactation specialists who visited me quite often during my stay.

Following! I am currently poised to deliver there in Sept! Have had great prenatal appts so far. The big advice I've been told is to call ahead if you're expecting to go in to get a status on census because they may direct you to San Leandro or Walnut Creek depending on bed availability

A few months ago. We had a very long medically necessary induction, so we were there for several days and worked with lots of different nurses and providers. We received exceptional care. Highly recommend!


I’m about to give birth any day now and I work at Kaiser. From my colleagues who have given birth, the overall consensus was to avoid Kaiser Oakland. It is a teaching hospital, which means you’ll have residents working on you as well (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it can delay things, more room for error). And, they seem to be either over crowded or under staffed where folks ended up having negative experiences. One of my colleagues is a physician, and even she said to stay away from Oakland. That being said, I also had a friend who had a positive experience. So, if you are unable to move care to another Kaiser, Oakland will probably be fine, you may need to advocate more for you needs. I moved my care to San Leandro and it’s been a very positive experience. I’ve also heard great things about Kaiser Walnut Creek. 

Hope this helps!

Yes, I gave birth there in March this year and had a wonderfully positive experience. I am sure it depends on your medical team, however, and whether they're right for you. I got lucky with a fantastic day nurse and I felt like I was in incredible hands as she helped my baby descend and get into position while keeping an eye on her heart rate. The anesthesiologist who administered my epidural was funny, kind, and extremely professional/competent. I felt like I was in amazing hands with him; I was never scared something would go wrong. The first OB who tried to deliver my baby during the pushing stage was relatively inexperienced (1st year resident) and I didn't click with her, and her negative attitude was discouraging to me. My doula asked our (night) nurse that a more senior doctor attend my delivery, which the night nurse kindly and quickly arranged. The senior doctor I got was the chief resident and she was just wonderful. As a first time mom, I got through labor with no perineal tearing and only needing two small stitches. Our baby was healthy and strong. I highly recommend advocating for yourself if you don't like a member of your medical team, whoever it is. You have a right to switch personnel. It made a world of difference for me.

I will say, it was a lot harder to get lactation support in the hospital than I would have liked. But we eventually got the help we needed by asking and asking. Wishing you luck!! FWIW I wouldn't hesitate to deliver at Kaiser Oakland again.

I have and the staff are great. Youll be in good hands. I had my baby right after COVID and there were tons of doctors and nurses. If you’re not comfortable with that then let them know. But everything was clean and people were helpful. Youll have everything youll need too. Don’t think I touched my bag even, except for my charger for my phone. 

I gave birth there on October 2023.

The bad:

The entrance is super public and the intake can be slow. As in, every single person will look alarmed and ask if you are OK while you have contractions in the hallway and elevator on the way to L&D.

They were SUPER weird about food. As in, I don't want "but it doesn't have any protein" to be part of the conversation when I ask for juice while in labor. 

The good:

The room was spacious and my partner was able to camp out comfortably. 

The sought informed consent for all of the steps. 

They had a lot of routine procedures that they have tuned over time to increase your chance of a smooth recovery for the parent.

They have a lot of routine and schedule for the wellness of the baby, so you don't have to think about follow up appointments.

I had a c section there almost 2 years ago. Both my sisters and my best friend delivered vaginally there within the last year. We all had wonderful experiences and were well taken care of! I enjoyed the food but loved that Piedmont Ave was close by so my husband could grab me some Belotti and Dona for dinner. The Maternity Unit is relatively new and in very good condition. 

Hi! I gave birth at Kaiser Oakland in February and I had a really great experience. We had planned on going to Kaiser San Leandro because we'd heard great things about KSL and mixed things about KO, but I ended up needing an emergency induction and we live next to KO, so that's where we went. All of our nurses and doctors were amazing. My birth experience was not easy, but the staff really made the entire experience feel okay. One thing to keep in mind is that it's a teaching hospital, so there may be extra staff involved in your experience and/or people who may not be veteran doctors and nurses, but that had no negative bearing on my experience I felt that the quality of care was really great. For what it's worth, I was relatively wary of what my experience would be going in because I was not thrilled with my Kaiser Oakland prenatal care, but the Labor and Delivery Department felt really different and it was a relief. 

I gave birth in October 2023. I’m not sure if that’s within the timeframe you’re looking for. I was induced at 37 weeks for medical reasons. I think I had just about everything done there you could have — foley bulb, pitocin, epidural… it was a process and every single provider I worked with was excellent. Some I vibed with more than others, however everyone provided exceptional care. Personally, my OB also worked in L&D and I got to see her during my multi-day stay, which was a comforting bonus. 

I gave birth (first time) at Kaiser Oakland in September '23 and had an extremely positive experience, both in terms of the birth and the post-partum and newborn care. I know every birth is unique and there are so many variables out of your control, but for what it's worth I definitely recommend Kaiser Oakland. 

The midwives and L&D nurses I encountered were incredible--problem solvers, active listeners, hands-on, and real advocates. My labor straddled a shift change so I received care from two different midwives and nurse teams, and everyone was equally wonderful. I really credit the second midwife and a tireless nurse with helping me avoid a c-section. Truly, I cannot say enough positive things about these women. I have never felt so supported and empowered in my entire life. 

The post-partum nurses were also excellent. Admittedly that time was a total blur, but everyone we met was kind, gentle, and professional. If you think you might want to breastfeed, I highly recommend asking for the lactation nurse to visit you while you're still in the hospital. She taught me and my husband so many tricks, including how to use a tiny syringe to feed the baby colostrum so that I could get a few extra hours of sleep.

I believe three days after birth we returned for our baby's first check-up which was with another lactation nurse. I'm not sure why all providers don't do it this way because everything with feeding and milk supply in those first couple days can be so stressful. Being able to see someone in person and get real-time feedback was invaluable. We luckily did not have a lot of issues with feeding, and I probably owe some of that to all of the lactation support we received early on. My understanding is that this amount of lactation support is standard practice at Kaiser Oakland.

The only negative thing I can think of is that the recovery rooms in the hospital are pretty small and uncomfortable, mainly for the non-birthing person. This really wasn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things given how positive the birth was, but in hindsight my husband wished he'd had slippers for the hard floor. Also the couch/bed feels like it's made of concrete so a plush blanket or sleeping pad would have been nice. 

Best of luck!

Unfortunately no, I do not recommend Kaiser Oakland. 

I gave birth there a year ago and personally know 7 moms from mom's groups, birth class and friend circles who have given birth there in the last 2 years. Only one of us had a positive experience, and I believe it was because she was induced. The rest of us all had negative experiences in triage, most of us felt like we were kept waiting in triage for an excessive amount of time because "a room was not ready". This caused me to be 10 cm by the time my epidural was placed, and caused my friend to give birth without her (repeatedly) requested epidural in the triage room. 

There aren't enough reserved parking spots for delivering patients, and i had to drag myself up the elevator alone while having strong contraction s while my husband parked the car. The first time we visited triage we were kept waiting from 11pm to 4am waiting for multiple tests because the microscope on their floor was broken... only to be sent home and have to rush back a few hours later. 

In fairness, I've also heard of these issues happening at Alta Bates. Also, I felt like my care during delivery and postpartum was adequate, and Oakland has the best pediatric facility for complex cases. However, in the end, I felt like I was not listened to during the most painful and vulnerable experience of my life, and I will not be going back . I've heard that San Leandro Kaiser is less overcrowded, so I will be looking into their facility or WC for my next baby.

I would recommend checking the link below. Kaise Oakland is not among the top maternity hospitals among the Kaisers