Kaiser GI Recommendation Needed

Can anyone recommend a good Kaiser gastroenterologist? My longtime doctor is no longer with Kaiser, so I need to find someone ASAP to oversee treatment for my Crohn’s disease.

I’m looking for someone who works collaboratively with patients, who will listen to my experience and observations, and is able to think outside the box (rather than just defaulting to a stock treatment plan). 

I’m in Oakland, but willing to travel anywhere in the Bay Area for the right fit.

(And if there are any Kaiser GI docs who you’ve had negative experiences with, I would appreciate hearing about those too, so I know who to avoid!)

Thank you for any suggestions!

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dr cusato is excellent, and so if Dr ajayi. 

I have THE best GI doc at Kaiser---Dr. Benjamin Hassid.   He is so kind, patient and extremely thorough.  When I was suffering from generalized IBS problems, I'd shoot him an email about how I lost another whole week and didn't know what to do and his response was always to set up an appointment to talk with me.  What specialist does that?   He tried several things and finally found the culprit that helped me resolve my problem.  I had my husband consult with him after he suffered from his Nth bout of diverticulitis.   Dr. Hassid is gentle and just wonderful.  He's in Oakland but I'd travel anywhere to see him!!!!  :)  

I am a huge fan of Jonathan Pritikin in Kaiser San Francisco's Gastroenterology office. After decades of being told that my GI problems were just due to stress, he actually listened, did a comprehensive assessment, and came up with a simple treatment plan that worked miracles. He has to work within the confines of Kaiser's system and sometimes behind the times protocols, but is up to date on treatments that Kaiser does not automatically support and is very willing to explore. Will also add that as a middle aged overweight woman I have never felt dismissed by Dr. Pritikin in the way that I do by many many other health providers. He has never suggested that any of my health problems are due to my weight or would be solved by losing weight. Absolutely worth the trek to San Francisco.  

I saw Stephanie Ann Santos, MD at Kaiser Oakland; she is in Gastroenterology and I think she would fit the bill for you. I only saw her a couple of times, but my impression was excellent. She was a good listener, seemed kind, and gave useful, pragmatic advice. I can't speak to her knowledge of alternative therapies (non-traditional treatment plans), but my GI issue was resolved. Best of luck to you!

Hi  I saw Dr. Aaron Daniel Lee, a Kaiser GI, for diagnosis and treatment of a number of GI problems.  At the time he was at Oakland, and he no longer is - but he is still in the Kaiser system.  He was excellent- listened well, asked questions, was sympathetic and personal.  He took my age and mental state into account.  He seemed well-trained, open to alternatives, and caring.  So I recommend him to you.  I saw him in 2018, but contacted him again last year.  Good luck.

Dr. Kimberly Cusato has taken great care of my and my lower GI issues (ulcerative colitis) for 10+ years.  Talk to her - she's in Oakland.