Kaiser GI Dr Sought (Alameda/Oakland)

I'm in need of a referral to a Kaiser Gastroenterologist at Alameda or Oakland (ideally) who

a) Has a good bedside manner

b) Is open to and/or knowledgeable about alternative therapies and treatments (e.g. plant-based antibiotics in place of pharmaceutical ones, when appropriate)

c) Knows about and can treat S.I.B.O

d) Is a woman

Thank you!

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I saw Stephanie Ann Santos, MD at Kaiser Oakland; she is in Gastroenterology and I think she would fit the bill for you. I only saw her a couple of times, but my impression was excellent. She was a good listener, seemed kind, and gave useful, pragmatic advice. I can't speak to her knowledge of alternative therapies, as my GI issue was treated in a more traditional western (medication-based) route, but indeed it was resolved! Best of luck to you.