K-8 or k-12 private school recommendations

Hi moms and dads 

     My son is currently at Montessori preschool and are looking for recommendations/thoughts on private schools for K-8 or k-12, preferred non-religious, mid range tuition, <25000/ per year in the following city: 

1. San Leandro 

2. Oakland, preferred closed to 580

3. Berkeley 

the list is so overwhelming, any thoughts/ideas are greatly appreciated ! 



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Pear Tree Community School sounds like what you are looking for, especially if you want to stay with the Montessori model. It is located in the East Oakland hills close to 580. www.peartreecs.com We left our local public school in North Oakland to attend. My daughter is in 1st grade there and we are happy. The application deadline is coming up but you may be able to apply late and still get a spot.

Definitely check out the Rennaissance International School (TRIS) in the Dimond District in Oakland! It is a Montessori K-8. The music and art programs are extraordinary. In preschool and Kindergarten children have 4 teachers ("guides" in Montessori lingo) per classroom: 2 speak English and 2 speak either French or Spanish (you choose which language for your kid) to the children. Beginning in First grade there are three teachers in each classroom - one speaks English, one speaks French and one speaks Spanish. Children receive lessons in all three languages so by middle school they are trilingual! In Elementary they being each morning singing with an instructor for at least a half hour (accompanied by a live pianist). We've been blown away by the dedication of the teachers and staff. We feel like they are truly caring partners in helping our daughter grow and thrive. There are many special events throughout the year to truly connect with the teachers and administrative staff and to make sure you understand what your child is learning/developing and the Montessori method throughout the grades. They have amazing field trips, including international trips. You can schedule tours to check it out. And if you have any specific questions, I'm happy to answer them. We've toured every school I think, some twice(!), and are so happy with our decision to be at TRIS. Good luck with your search, it's totally overwhelming for sure!!

A tiny bit north in El Cerrito is the gem, Montessori Family School. If you have been happy with Montessori, you really should consider continuing - they do some incredible stuff with the elementary curriculum. MFS is the only PK-8 Montessori school in the East Bay (not to mention it’s just a great school). Amazing teachers, wonderful families and kids, and students who want to learn and show so much admiration and respect for each other. It’s really just a wonderful place and worth looking into.